Cannes Group Services

COVID-19 Response(ibility)

The world is now a very changed place.  In these days, unprecedented in the lifetimes of most of us, MultiMedia Consult is wholly committed to the safety and health of every one of our clients and all spheres of influence.  “Who you know” and “what you have”, no longer matter.  Instead, what you know, and who you have — beside you, protecting and needing protection — are the only priorities.

In line with this, and in response to the ongoing global health pandemic, MultiMedia Consult immediately SUSPENDS OPERATIONS in the LIVE EVENT services and PRODUCTION SUPPORT sectors.  Henceforth our focus will be on smart and creative branded messaging… the safety and luxury of high-end real estate… and stress-free lifestyle transport options, like yacht charter and private jet charter. Our trusted leveraged asset exchange is a marketplace of synergistic shared opportunities, available through the vetted MultiMedia Consult CANNES GROUP network of sector-specific service providers.

New Business. As Usual.