LEV Global Swap Network


  1. an exchange of one thing for another.
    “let’s do a swap
    synonyms: exchangeinterchangetradeswitch, trade-off, substitute…


by MultiMedia Consult is an international network of property owners and decision makers, sharing assets to leverage opportunity:  Real estate / accommodation, transportation solutions, production & presentation or connecting services


to global events throughout each business and social calendar year.

More than simply home exchange… LEV is home exchange.  But in addition to furnished apartments and villas of high standing, LEVeraged assets in our global swap network include:

  • luxury transportation and charter
  • international gala and sport invitations
  • access to red carpets and runways
  • business consultation, support and services.

Give something.  Take something.

That’s LEV.

Do you have a property, professional expertise or business service you wish to LEVerage?  Call or WhatsApp:


Luxurious Properties
Production & Presentation
Transportation Solutions
Connecting Services