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Real estate consultation through the MultiMedia Consult CANNES GROUP network matches global requests for outstanding property with luxurious first and second homes, apartments, villas and commercial and trophy assets.

Our focus in working with preferred real estate professionals of the highest caliber, while offering only projects and properties of the highest standing, means no time is wasted in (y)our search for the finest, most luxurious international real estate.

It’s a state of mind we call New York / HamptonsStreamlined, business-like and efficient / luxurious, high benefit to cost and uniquely one-of-a-kind.

So real estate located in New York City and the Hamptons?  YES!  Absolutely.  What are you looking for?  How can we help?

But our expanding global project and property portfolio also includes assets in MONACO / Monte-CarloSão Paulo, BRAZIL CANNES / Côte d’Azur … the Lakes region, Tuscany and Sardinia, ITALYDUBAI

In short, MultiMedia Consult curates sought-after for sale destination real estate.

We also provide corporate apartments and villas for rent during global event periods and peak/holiday and international congress seasons!

International project and property

listings coming soon!

BUILDERS / DEVELOPERS:  Keep in mind that with fun, philanthropic Save the Dates throughout each business and social season, MultiMedia Consult is your connecting platform for high-visibility branding, sponsorship and logo/product placement opportunities.

Discreetly high-profile.  Transparently confidential.  Exceptionally responsive by phone or WhatsApp:

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It’s our State of Mind.