Production & Presentation

From ‘old school’ analog sound and lighting, to state-of-the-art digital bells and whistles,  in A(udio), V(ideo) and everything in between, MultiMedia Consult offers production and presentation support in diverse environments.

An initial consultation about your upcoming event, prepared file or live presentation, (video)conference or technical contract / staffing need, begins a magical journey…

Your gala evening comes to life… Your project takes shape… Your enterprise AV becomes fully supported.  Whether integrating new pieces or starting anew… building out or building up your audio, video or smart home automation systems… from first idea(s) to iteration…

Let MultiMedia Consult be a part of your magic.

Together, let MultiMedia Consult Production & Presentation support… YOU:

  • Social Events, Galas, Trade Shows, Exhibitions
  • General / Plenary Sessions, Small Meetings and Breakouts
  • Corporate Storytelling, Personal Branding and SEO
  • Web Design, Content and Social Media Management
  • High-Definition Video Recording, Conferencing, Streaming
  • Audio Mixing, Recording and Streaming
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Product Placements and Partnerships
  • Production Technology Consultation

Your MultiMedia Consult(ation):


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